Hidden Servo/Receiver Battery Plug Danger
By Ken Myers

     Near the end of this summer I had an unexplained crash of my Hobby People Low-Stik. At first I blamed the crash on a faulty receiver battery plug (shown above). It seems that the plug was NOT the cause of the crash, but a victim of the crash! I discovered that when I read this thread on RC Groups: www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=576920
     feathermerchant had this same thing happen to a servo connector in a crash. You can see a photo of it in the thread. It looks basically the same as the one in my photo, except the damage is on an outside wire instead of the middle wire. When the two connectors are joined, these broken connections cannot be seen. The only reason I found mine was that whenever I moved the receiver pack while it was charging, after removing it from the crashed airframe, the charger LED would blink. Repeating the move and noticing the blinking several times caused me to pull the receiver plug out of the harness and thus discover the faulty connection, thank goodness!
     In all my years of flying RC, I had never seen this. Now, my after crash inspection will include pulling apart all "servo/receiver battery connections" for a visual inspection. I highly recommend it!