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A Typical Weekday at Midwest
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

     The weather was crisp in the very early morning. The leaves were changing color. It was a good day for flying. A pretty brisk breeze came from the south by late morning.

     Eight Midwest RC Society members were present for a morning and early afternoon flying session.

     There just happened to be no internal combustion engines present on this day.

     Arthur Deane, club president, flew his e-flite Sopwith biplane and e-flight Pulse 25.

     Charlie Dochenetz flew his Great Planes Super Sportster EP and clipped wing Clouds Fly.

     Rich Sievert flew his 22-plus pound Waco, which was built from a Pica kit.

     Jim Ouillette flew his Pulse 25, clipped wing Clouds Fly and Mini Pulse.

     Arnie Nielsen flew his parkzone T-28 in Air Force colors.

     Jim Lapham flew his parkzone T-28 Navy colors, but with yellow nose and tail.

     Verne Koester flew his F3A 5kg precision aerobatics competition model.

     Ken Myers flew his Maxford USA Antonov An-2, Fusion 380 sport plane scratch built and parkzone T-28 in stock Navy colors.

Site Table of Contents

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