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Absolutely Free Training!

The Midwest RC Society offers FREE flight training, with qualified instructors, for radio controlled aircraft including planes and helicopters as well as control line instruction.

The various instructors are available at most times of day, by appointment, seven days a week. See the instructor list for preferred model type instruction and when they are available.

Instruction night, for 2016, is Wednesday Evening (Weather Permitting*) between 6 p.m. and dusk. No appointment is necessary. You may just 'show up' at the flying field. Flight instructors and trainer planes will be available.
* Weather permitting - click here - predicted winds less than 10 mph, no rain

Training starts with familiarization flights, followed by instruction on dual transmitters, known as buddy boxes, where the trainee pilot flies the plane and the instructor can take over if problems arise. This is similar to dual control during driving instruction.

Flight training with a qualified instructor is ESSENTIAL! Trainees have to learn the rudiments of flying and how to handle control reversal when the plane flies towards them. This is similar to the reversal that occurs with model cars. Trying to learn these skills by oneself will result in crashes, frustration and abandonment of the project!

Midwest RC offers free training at a very large and safe flying site.

Our group of Qualified Flight Instructors will:

* Teach you the basics of safe and skilled operation of your RC or control line aircraft

* Assist you in the selection of your basic training aircraft, radio and support equipment

* Advance your piloting skills at YOUR pace

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need an aircraft and radio to start?
No. We have trainer planes available and can get you started quickly.

2. How do I know what aircraft to start with?
Our knowledgeable instructors will be happy to assist you in the best choice for YOU based on your future plans, budget and preferences.

3. Should I buy a computer RC flight simulator?
Computer flight simulators can be a useful learning aid, but real learning and basic skills will advance more rapidly at the flying field with the help of a qualified flight instructor.

4. Why does our club offer this service for FREE?
We love people, aircraft, and sharing our great hobby with others

If interested contact our Chief Instructor, Ken Myers, or any of the officers to set up a familiarization flight and training.

Site Table of Contents

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