January 2006 Show & Tell

     Ken Myers showed his Graupner Micro-Infrared Thermometer (part # GR1964) that sells for $40 from Hobby Lobby International (hobby-lobby.com). He uses it to set the temperature of his "MonoKote" iron and check the temperatures of flight batteries, electronic speed controls (ESC's) and electric motors under test and after flying. He discussed the Hyperion Emeter. This is an extremely useful tool for the electric powered modeler. It is a tachometer, voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, servo check/tester, ESC programmer, battery discharge meter and more. For all the details on it visit allerc.com and do a search for Emeter. It sells for $90. Also, while at Allerc.com, check out the fine, quality line of Hyperion motors, ESC's and planes!

     He also flew his AirHogs biplane before and after the meeting.

     Larry Markey did an excellent and impressive flying demo of the new plane he is developing for ETOC type flying. It is a remarkable plane. Actually turns on a dime and gives eleven cents change!