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Being Prepared for Flight Training What you need to do to be ready for your flight instruction. This is also a good checklist for the "old pro" bringing out a new model or one that had been stored for awhile.

Building On Glass a great technique for speeding up building


Hidden Servo/Receiver Battery Plug Danger Hint about checking the connectors after a crash.


Selecting an Electric Outrunner Motor Power System for an ARF, Kit or Plans Built Electrically Powered or Glow Conversion Prop Plane
This is the article that accompanied Ken's Presentation on this topic at the March 1, 2017 meeting. There are links to the spreadsheets he discussed in the article.

Building Airframes with Dollar Tree Foam Board
As presented at the October 5, 2016 meeting.

Ken Myers' Learning About LiPo Batteries Presentation, Parts 1, 2 & 3
As presented at the February 3, March 2 and April 6, 2016 Meetings

aerofly RC 7 Flight Simulator Review, by Ken Myers Ken reviews this very good flight simulator.

Servos, I Don't Know Jack, but I'm Learning, by Ken Myers Ken discusses what he's learned so far about sizing servos for model aircraft.

Cublic Wing Loading (CWL), by Ken Myers Ken discusses what it is, how and why to use it.

January 2011 Electric Power Basics Presentation

HTML version of Ken Myers' Electric Power Basics. Includes active links to all references. Best for reading and researching online. Updated: July 2015
Reformatted for electronic reading devices with a Web browser

Acrobat .pdf version of Ken Myers' Electric Power Basics. Best for printing. All sources are listed at the end of the article with no active links.

Twins: Are You Ready? Ken Myers covers the four factors that make for successful twin-engined RC models.

Site Table of Contents

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