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About the Electric Flyers Only (EFO) Club of southeastern Michigan, USA

Announcing Upcoming Electric Events
The most current local area event information

Complete Ampeer Index
Contains links to all of the Ampeers from March 1988 through the present.

Most Recently Updated Information on this Web site


Advice for Getting Into Flying Radio Controlled (RC) Airplanes
General advice on getting started in the hobby & Ken's Top 5 Recommended Trainers for 2018

Electric Power Basics: A Power System Introduction and Some BASICS
HTML version of Ken Myers' Electric Power Basics. Updated: July 2015. Information updated, reformatted to be viewed on all electronic reading devices with a Web browser.
Acrobat .pdf version of Ken Myers' Electric Power Basics. Best for printing. All sources are listed at the end of the article with no active links.
Formated for smart phones and pads Especially formated for best viewing on smart phones and tablet computers.

An E-Book by Ed Anderson, President, Long Island Silent Flyers. The link, using the book title, is in Adobe Acrobat format. In this beginner's guide, I've provided active links within the document for reading online to the sources and articles used to compliment the e-book. It is also formatted for printing, and it is 49 pages long.
Formated for smart phones and pads Especially formated for best viewing on smart phones and tablet computers.

Building Airframes with Dollar Tree Foam Board (DTFB)
Ken shares some of his experiences using DTFB to build airframes for RC planes.

The RUA 2-4-10 - You Can BUILD and FLY Your Own RC Plane
Ken's construction article on his RUA (Really Ugly Airplane) 2-4-10 foam board trainer.

Support Equipment for Beginner's & Pros

Tactic TTX660 6-Channel Transmitter Review
An excellent choice for a first computer style radio.
Tactic TTX650 6-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Computer Transmitter and TR624 6-Ch Receiver Review
This is the predecessor to the TTX660 and contains a lot of valuable information that also applies to the TTX660.

An excellent value in a charger for a beginner! To purchase this charger, the Tower Hobbies' link is in the article. It is also available from Horizon Hobby.

Review: aerofly RC 7 RC Flight Simulator, Ken Myers reviews this simulator. April 2014


Lithium Polymer Battery Technology: An Introduction by Frank Siegert, translated by John Julian and formatted by Ken Myers - an extremely important background article for understanding LiPo batteries.

Learning About LiPo Batteries, This is a continuing series of 'articles/presentations' regarding LiPo batteries. 04/10/2016 - Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available.
Part 1 (January EFO Meeting) Includes:
How Lithium Batteries Work, a simple chemistry lesson
How Lithium Batteries are Made, including LiPo batteries and what is inside them
Known Chinese Factories that make LiPo batteries
Who makes the cells for some known brands
A list of known LiPo brands and one source for each brand
Part 2 (February EFO Meeting) Includes:
Incident containment
How to choose the right containment, be it LiPo Sacks/Bags, Bunkers, etc.
How to calculate LiPo battery Watt Hours (Wh) and why that is important
Other Storage Considerations
Videos of what happens when the wrong storage containment is chosen
Part 3 (March EFO Meeting) Includes:
A Bit of LiPo History
Where Many of the Use and Care Recommendations Came From
Actual FACTS regarding almost all aspects of Lithium Polymer Pouch Batteries (LiPo Batteries) are difficult to come by.
The Kokam USA Lithium Polymer Battery System by Fred Marks Nov. 2003
Cell disposal, who's right?
Links to the 2005 version of the Kokam USA document, with lots more info
Part 4 (April EFO Meeting) Includes:
LiPo Battery Facts or Fancy?
FAQs and Facts About LiPo Batteries
Temperature Related Failures
What Makes a Valid Source?
Sources that I have found to be trustworthy

Emeter II: First Impressions and Use Continuing Information
Updated Feb. 25, 2009

Glow to Electric Power System Conversion
Glow to Electric Excel workbook Spreadsheets for easy conversion of glow powered, prop airframes to electric power.
How to guide in HTML format with active links for the Glow to Electric Excel workbook.

Electric Twins: Are You Ready
Ken explains what planes make good electric twins and how you can prepare yourself for flying twin-engine aircraft.

One Way of Selecting a Brushless Outrunner Electric Motor for a Radio Controlled (RC or R/C) Sport Plane or Sport Scale Plane Using ANR26650M1 (A123 Systems NanophospateTM lithium ion) 2300mAh Cells
For those interested in an alternate source of battery power for electric power systems.

Wing Cube Loading Articles (WCL)

Wing Cube Loading (WCL)
Latest version by Ken Myers. It was updated in February of 2018.

Wing Cube Loading (WCL):
What it is and how to use it, by Ken Myers - updated 1/3/2014

WING CUBE LOADING (WCL) by FRANCIS REYNOLDS , Model Builder - September 1989

Aircraft Performance Parameters Revisited : WING CUBE LOADING,
by Roger Jaffe, Model Builder - June 1994

3D Wing Loadings:
A Better Way to Scale Models and Compare different size models easily by Larry Renger, Dec. 1997

Wing Cube Loading (WCL) Calculator online
from our friends at Electric Flight UK

Selecting Servos

Servo Tests Brian Taylor shares the results of his tests and research on servos.

Servos, I Don't Know Jack!, Ken Myers discusses what he knows, has learned and doesn't know about choosing an appropriate servo.

Comments Regarding the December 2013 Article, "Servos, I Don't Know Jack", Ampeer readers share their thoughts on this article and provide some information.

The Servo Conundrum Continued, Ken Myers continues his research into selecting the appropriate servo(s) for a given RC model airplane.

More on Selecting Servos, David Hipperson shares his thoughts on selecting servos. David Surry also shares his thoughts on this topic.

Measuring Maximum Servo Torque, Ken explains how to measure servo torque. (See correction in article below)

Measuring Maximum Servo Torque Revised, Ken Myers corrects a HUGE oops in his March article on this topic. Sorry!

Finding Required Servo Torque Using a Nomogram/Nomograph, Plenny Bates describes how to use a nomograph to calculate required servo torque.

Control Surface Weight and Servos, Steve Ralph shares an observation regarding the weight of the moving surface and servos.

More on Servo Sizing, Keith Shaw shares information on servo sizes he's used.

Servo Spreadsheet - Data collected in .xls format regarding the plane's weight, mission or type and lists the servo chosen with its stated torque. Frequently updated.

Keith Shaw Articles

     Keith Shaw on proper electric powered RC design, transcribed from his tech-talk to the EMFSO (Electric Model Flyers of Southern Ontario) by Martin Irvine of Kingston, Ont. in 1992. This is a timeless "How to" on designing electrically powered RC planes. It is in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Part 1158Kb
Part 2196Kb
Part 3214Kb
Part 4185Kb

     Keith's original article/talk was split into four parts to be sure that it would fit on floppy disks.
     Patrick Surry has combined the original four parts into one. The whole article as one .pdf file.
He also made a version to view on a phone, Kindle, etc.

Keith Shaw's "Electric Sport Scale" article from the July 1987 Model Builder
edited and commented on by Ken Myers, July 1989

Keith Shaw's "Charging Into Electric Flight" - A Primer from the Master, Radio Controlled Sport Flying, January 1994.

Keith Shaw's "The Art of Low Power Aerobatics: Maximize your performance with energy management" originally in Model Airplane News, Feb. 1996. Keith describes how to reduce drag, set up the CG properly using the "Dive" technique and get the most from your plane for the least power.

Power Systems

Cobra C-2217/20 Brushless Motor Ken Myers tests this motor with specifications given and prop recommendations. Review is in the July 2016 Ampeer and it is compared to the EMAX GT2218/11.

Cobra C-2820/14 Brushless Motor, Kv=840 Ken Myers tests this motor with specifications given and prop recommendations. Review is in the September 2014 Ampeer.

Cobra C-4120/18 Brushless Motor, Kv=540 Ken Myers tests this motor with specifications given and prop recommendations. Review is in the January 2014 Ampeer.

EMAX GT2218/11 Brushless Motor Ken Myers tests this motor with specifications given and prop recommendations. Review is in the July 2016 Ampeer and it is compared to the Cobra C-2217/20.

Hacker A50-12S V2 Outrunner Ken Myers tests this motor with specifications given and prop recommendations. The EFO members, at the February meeting, also helped with the collection of the data. Review is in the April 2013 Ampeer.

How I Have Been Zip Charging a 3S1P ANR26650M1 (2300mAh) A123 System, Inc. Pack

HXT 42-60/06 Motor Review - now known as the Turnigy TR 42-60C

K2 Energy 26650 cells - another lithium iron phosphate cell

Effects of Temperature On the Battery (formerly Lithium Face Off): A Head-to-Head Comparison of LiPo, A123 & Emoli - The cells are compared, flown and evaluated. It also includes the effects of temperature on these cells.

Motor Kv, what it is and how to measure it. A Kv Spreadsheet Calculates the Kv with the input of the drill press RPM and AC voltage measurements. The spreadsheet is linked in the article.
Updated Nov. 2012 with information on finding the Kv several ways as well as motor and/or motor and ESC resistance. Excel workbook sheets updated and contain examples.

O.S. OMA-3820-1200 Review, Ken reviews this O.S. ".25-size" racing outrunner and makes prop suggestions.

O.S. OMA-3825-750 Review, Ken reviews this O.S. ".30-size" outrunner and makes prop suggestions.

O.S. OMA-5010-810 Preview, Ken PREVIEWS this O.S. "4-stroke .52-size" outrunner and explains why the battery and prop data for this motor, as presented by O.S. Motor and Tower Hobbies, is inaccurate and less than useful. The article is now in the February 2013 Ampeer.

O.S. OMA-5010-810 Review, Ken REVIEWS this O.S. "4-stroke .52-size" outrunner and provides a somewhat more accurate battery and prop chart than the one supplied by O.S. Motor. The article is now in the March 2013 Ampeer.

OMA-5010-810-preview.htm, updated 08/20/2013 with warning about the reverse thread socket head cap screw that holds the shaft in.

Plane and Power System Excel Workbook, over 600 records. Includes data on electric planes, glow and gas planes and their power systems.

Recommended, Commonly Available Motors for use with 3 (aka 3S or 3 cells in series) "A123" 2300mAh Cells for Sport and Sport Scale Planes.

Scorpion S-4020-12 Outrunner tested - also how it was used in an Electro Flying Fusion

Timing Test - demonstrates the effects of different timings on power system output

TowerPro 3520-6 #1 Motor Review - This is part of the review for the Sportsman Aviation Sport Stik 40 ARF Low Wing Review on RC Groups.

TowerPro 3520-6 #1 (second review) Motor Review - this is the second review of the same motor now being used in the Sports Aviation Ryan STA 40 ARF on RC Groups

TowerPro 3520-6 #2 part of the reivew of the Sportsman Aviation Sonic 500 25-46 ARF on RC Groups. Also contains a review of the Jeti Spin 44 ESC and Spinbox programmer. on RC Groups

TowerPro 3520-7 Motor Review

Turnigy G25 710Kv Ken Myers tests and reviews this motor. Review is in the April 2013 Ampeer.

Aircraft Reviews, Construction & Conversions

E-flite T-34 Mentor RTF Notes, problems, solutions & conversion to "A123" cells - thoughts on using as an "aileron trainer"

Flite 40 Conversion of cheap low-wing ARF to e-power using a 6S1P "A123" 2300mAh pack on RC Groups.

FMS SuperEZ Trainer Part 1: Ken reviews the assembly, noting problems and fixes.
FMS SuperEZ Trainer Part 2: Ken provides the flight review and makes suggestions.

Hitec (Multiplex) Weekender Extra 300S ARF Review of this P2GO Extra stand off scale.
The Weekender Extra 300S Stock Motor Has a Problem Ken Myers describes a motor problem he had with the stock motor.
Hitec Weekender Extra 300S ESC Instructions Found! Ken Myers tells where to find the manual with the settings for the ESC used in this ARF Extra.
How Scale Is the Weekender Extra 300S? Ken Myers looks at how scale this standoff scale plane is.

Maxford USA Antonov An-2 ARF Ken Myers' review of this almost ready to fix (ARtF) classic biplane. Includes assembly hints and tips.

Min-E Mambo Ken's conversion and a tribute to the Sterling Minnie Mambo. Includes plans in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Multiplex EasyStar RTF Assembly notes and review, includes upgrade to 2S1P "A123" 2300mAh pack

parkzone T-28 Trojan RTF Notes, problems, solutions & conversion to "A123" cells

Sportsman Aviation Sonic 500 25-46 ARF Review and conversion to e-power on RC Groups

Sports Aviation Ryan STA 40 ARF Review and conversion to e-power on RC Groups

Sportsman Aviation Sport Stik 40 ARF Low Wing Review and conversion to e-power on RC Groups.

Son of Swallow is my own design based on the Fred Reese Swallow, the precursor to the Cloud Dancer series of planes. Designed for use with a 3S1P "A123" 2300mAh pack. On RC Groups

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